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Feed the Obsession!!! From big bucks to long-bearded turkeys, we have you covered!


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Our latest season had a little bit of everything. We traveled to Missouri chasing Whitetail. We even shot an episode in Utah going after Elk. Of course, no season is complete without Michigan turkey and whitetail. We even take our bows out on the water for a little Asian Carp fishing!

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Latest Success

Wildlife Properties in Kentucky

Wildlife Properties in KY

Pro staff, Noah Craddock of Wildlife Properties in Kentucky, harvested this awesome buck with his bow! Congratulations Noah!

Michigan Bow Season

Michigan Bow Season

Well I got the job done a couple of days before gun season in Michigan! Had to hunt hard for this one. A shout out to our sponsors, getting a nice Michigan buck would not be possible without you guys! Good luck to everyone out there for opening day of gun season! Be safe and enjoy time in the woods, because there's nothing better!

Ray's Missouri Buck

Ray's Missouri Buck

What a great week so far in Missouri! I would like to take a moment and thank God for giving me the opportunity to enjoy his great creation and thank my wife for understanding what I truly enjoy! And thanks for time spent with great friends! Memories made while Feeding our Obsession!

Zach's Missouri Buck

Zach's Missouri Buck

Congratulations to Pro Staff Zach Vandevusse on this Missouri monster! Got it done with his new Prime bow, Scentlok clothes, Victory arrows with Lumenoks. And without using Asko's UV Killer spray, big toads like this don't get harvested! Big shout out to our sponsors who have been with us for years! Feeding the Obsession in Missouri!

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